Friday, April 25, 2014

Fairfax Fashion Friday: Fashion Digs at Annadale VA Goodwill

It has been about four months since I went to a thrift store and purchase some clothes. After donating some other items that nearly stayed in my car for three weeks, I decided to go inside of Annadale, VA Goodwill Thrift Store. What I found was a nice green(I apologize for the photo as it look like it is gray but it is green) 'Signature' jacket by Larry Levine for a $1.00. Also I found this green-print mid-length floral skirt by Style and Company for $5.98. I was happy to find these pieces as they were will under $10. These two items can be paired with a plain white shirt and a mid-white pointed toe pair of shoes.

MyFashion Digs at Annadale VA Goodwill

Green Signature Jacket by Larry Levine($1) | Mid-Length Green floral print skirt($5.98)
Annadale Goodwill Thrift Store: 7031 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003